Aimin' to please the discriminating 2-7 year old (65 lb max).
Li'l Buckaroos ponies


Simba the pony

This is Simba. He is 14 years old and is very fun to ride. Older kids like him the most because he often prances, instead of just walking, making for a very bouncy ride. He is a very handsome pony. But he is often called "the Brat" because he likes to tease Buckaroo Bob and the other ponies by nipping them when they are not looking. He can run very fast and likes to kick up his rear legs when he runs. He thinks he is really something special. Also he is very curious. For example, when Buckaroo Bob is working on the barn, Simba tries to figure out what is going on by putting his nose between the hammer and the nail. One way or another, he seems to always be in the way.

Annie and Dakota

Annie the ponyDakota the pony

Annie is 16, brownish-red with a black mane and tail, and is about the same size as Simba. Dakota is a very handsome golden brown 10 year old, and is our biggest pony. He joined us early in 2001 and became the boss of all the other ponies right away.

Rosie and Aladdin

Rosie the mini horse Aladdin the mini horse

Rosie is a shy and friendly mini, 8 years old and a light beige/cream color with darker spots. The other ponies think Rosie is a wimp and they all boss her around if she seems to be in the way, like at dinner time.

Then there is Aladdin, 11 years old, golden with a white mane and tail. Aladdin is also a Mini, but he thinks he is a Pony.

Belle and the rest of the gang

Belle the mini donkey

Our most recent additions are trained at absolutely nothing but are too cute for words: two miniature donkeys named Belle & Bianca, both 7 years old and very cuddly. We also have another mini, Rocky, who stays at the farm and doesn't come out to give rides. Rocky is a very handsome black and white 12 year old with a beautiful mane.

Barn geeseThese bad boys are our barn geese. Their job is to protect the barn from bad things. They make a loud honking sound when strangers or anything they don't like comes around. The trouble is, they only like Buckaroo Bob. They try to chase anyone else who comes around, even friends of Buckaroo Bob. They try to chase the Ponies, too. They aren't dangerous but they can look pretty scary. They don't give rides. They are funny to watch. They think they run the whole barn. If they bother anyone, Buckaroo Bob opens up a big red umbrella. The geese think the umbrella must be a VERY BIG BIRD with huge wings and they run away very fast.

Buckaroo Bob

Buckaroo Bob

Buckaroo Bob, sometimes also known as Faxon Bowen, is the Founder, Former owner, Photographer, Pony Wrangler, Chief Trailer Driver, and Head Cowboy of Li'l Buckaroos.