Aimin' to please the discriminating 2-7 year old (65 lb max).
Li'l Buckaroos ponies

Hey Kids! Practice your Old West Lingo!

Lingo - Language
Shindig - Party, big event
Yeehaw!! (Really Loud) - I feel great!
Howdy - Hello
Duds - Old West clothes
Mosey - Walk, travel
Mighty obliged - Very pleased
Pardner - Friend, partner
Buckaroo - Cowboy or Cowgirl
I'm a pretty cowgirl or
I'm a handsome dude - I look great in these duds.

Example: Howdy pardner! I'd be mighty obliged if you'd put your fancy duds on and mosey over to the pony shindig with us. Yeehaw!!

One time, a small horse named Percy wanted to be a Li'l Buckaroo Mini. Buckaroo Bob tried to explain that his back just didn't look strong enough to carry the kids. But Percy said he would try hard. For lunch that day, the ponies, Minis, and Percy were served their favorites: hay and carrots. Percy looked at the lunch and seemed very worried and said he had to leave for a few minutes and we never saw him again. Buckaroo Bob thought this was a very strange way for a little horse to act, because no pony or mini EVER skips lunch, especially carrots.