Aimin' to please the discriminating 2-7 year old (65 lb max).
Li'l Buckaroos ponies

We are currently booking for all of our events. Please call or email us to make your reservation or with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Pony Rides

Pony rides Pony Ride Events are done most commonly at birthday parties, carnivals, family gatherings, business promotions, and the like. All children are firmly seat-belted onto the pony. Each pony is led individually by a handler for the duration of the ride. If the child is comfortable and ready for the experience, the pony will be trotted a little. The kids love this and there aren't many bigger smiles than during and after that trot. Pricing is hourly.


PreschoolsLi'l Buckaroos has put together a great event for preschools, kindergartens, daycares, and toddler groups. This event consists of pony rides for all willing participants, and pony pictures of the kids in western outfits taken by a professional photographer. There is no cost to the school for the Pony Event. Li'l Buckaroos brings the developed and packaged photos back to the school after the event for the parents to review. The parents love the pictures, but there is no obligation to buy, nor any pre-signup. Photos are taken digitally. Proofs of each pose for each child are delivered to the school for the parent's inspection. Parents may purchase the proofs and/or order packages online. With a stated minimum purchase, the parent's will receive the digital negatives of the child's photos. Families receive a discounted price on 2 or more packages of their own children's proofs, and the school's staff get a 25% discount for the proofs of their children. There are no external photos allowed at this event. Broad scene video is OK with an approved (by Buckaroo Bob) video camera.

Santa on pony

Fairs and Carnivals

At fairs and carnivals we focus on doing rides, but parents are welcome to take their own photos. Our main areas of operation are King and Snohomish Counties, though we've been spotted in Bellingham, the San Juan Islands and elsewhere. Pricing is hourly.